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Hello everyone, I'm no newbie or anything, I've been using FS since version 95 was out. But anyways... here's what I could use some help with. I use FS2004 almost every day. And I love the passenger view overlooking the wing, especially on approach. Obviously, I cannot land the plane and watch my favorite view at the same time (trust me I've tried it, lol), so normally what I'll do is replay the entire approach looking from different views, including my favorite wing view. However, I'm beginning to notice that during replays certain animations are missing. The three most noticable being the lack of aeileron, rudder, and nosewheel movement. Is there any way around this? Do I have some option somewhere checked off wrong? ..Or is this simply how FS works? Any input would be greatly appreciated!


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well your problem might be your graffics card or the graffics for the plane Iv got a problem with no sound on some planes I have the only thing I can think of would be to download the same plane or get another graffics card

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Theres nothing wrong,fs is unable to show AI traffic and certain animations in replays

Fraps will let you record fs in real time,showing everything that you see onscreen

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where do you get the passenger view over the wing from????

I want this!!!!

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