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I fly mostly General Aviation aircraft - Piper, Beech, Cessna and some oddballs. Admittedly I am a sucker for freebies and will try almost anything I see. HOWever I have lately noticed that many add-on aircraft, even though they may have a full radio stack, an autopilot and a GPS, MAY NOT HAVE a NAV/GPS switch.
Examples include the Angel twin engine bush plane, the Eclipse 500, Gates Learjet 25D, Globe Swift, Helio H-295 Super Courier, Lake Turbo Renegade ... and so on and on.
Does anyone know if there is a keyboard command to toggle between NAV (VOR) and GPS modes for the autopilot to follow? (In the absence of a switch on the panel)

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BashDaBish Guest

Not sure about the key command but one way to find out is to check your key mappings. Go into assignments and check to see if there is a key mapped. If not then map one. If the key selection you chose is already in use then it will prompt you to choose another.

I have also mapped a key for turning 'Avionics' one as some aircraft seem to lack this feature (or I can't find them :roll🙂

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I know the exaxt problem or problems. #1 some builders that build the aircraft don`t put everything on them.#2 you may have a problem with some aircraft rejecting your computor

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^Very true what JarJar said above. I remember downloading an aircraft that turned out to be a virtual airline's trainer turbo prop that didn't allow access to certain features because this plane was used for passing certain tests without GPS, etc. Bah!

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Fellow simmers, thank you, you are GENIUSES!
Why didn't I think to assign a key to it? 'Cause I'm stoopid, that's why! I assigned "Shift+N" and it works perfectly.
I'm still having trouble with the Eclipse 500 but that's because the designer (Tim Stevens? Fuel Labs 2004??) had to go and make his own version of an autopilot that is *different* from anything else. (Why do they DO that?)
Other freebie planes have their own problems too, as you so clearly noted. But, we must live with what we are given.
Thanks again!

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