levelD fmc problem

VanHuizen Guest

I've a problem with levelDs 767 fmc. On the vnav page the descent page is not shown correcty. Normal you should read information in that page but i found nothing only '' decent now'' instead of ''decent direct'' which i saw in the tutorial2longhaul. When i reach TOD the VNAV isn't able to descent. It does nothing even if i activate''descent now''. So i've to descent with ''level change ''. 😞
Maybe it's a dumb question but i if someone knows the solution i would be very thankful.
And a less urgent problem is that the fms not contains STARs ?

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Zach (ranald) Captain

I don't have LDS 767 but mabe you will need to d/load the update for it.

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Kurt Stevens (KurtPStevens) First Officer

I have the LDS 767...but have not yet figured out any of the VNAV stuff.

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ak763 Trainee

Hello.....i'm just wondering if youve tryed POSKYs 763v4?....with the sound pack they had...........and LDS 763.....there is a sound difference?.....after flying on a Hawaiian 763...i tryed the POSKY 763.....and the sound on the flight sim was super louder than it seemed it should be.........

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