Stupid AI trafic

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I was on my ILS final at runway 25R KLAS(LA), two 737s over took me at outer marker, then around middle marker, another (god knows what it was) jet tailgated me and crashed right into my ass......i know the jet approach speed is much higher than me (Cessna conquest), but isnt this the job of the tower to separate the approaching aircraft? Stupid AI controllers....byt he way, I use Ultimate Traffic

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UT will do that to you, i've been in a 100% dead race with a 747 in a dinky CRJ-200ER before. THAT was a GOOD TIME!!! 😂 😎

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Why not get AISmooth from AVSIM.

"File Description:
AISmooth will monitor AI traffic around your airport and avoid multiple planes arriving at the same time, thus reducing go-arounds drastically. Excessive traffic will be sent into holding patterns and be released to landing in due time. Simple installation"

You can also set it so that you get preferance over AI.

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Check out this post that I made a while ago. I had the same problems.

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