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I have a challange for you. If you can land with a jet on airport SESM
It is allmost impossible to land there without having a decent rate of 60 degrees nose douwn pitch. If you did it, post it here. I'd love to hear how you done it! Happy Flying!


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I believe this was a mistake by Microsoft. I did it in a 737 after some practice. Full flaps, max autobrake, and spoilers deployed all the way through decent. I used the trim to flare because it's more responsive. You need to be able to flare fairly quickly after the nose dive!! Best of luck with this.
Andy 😀

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I think it was a military air base or something. Only thing to approach and takeoff is possible with an F16 or F18


I think the default SESM in fs9 is of a terrain bug.

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We had a thread similar to this a while back.


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