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Where is a Flight assignment, challenge package that I can download? You know, something that creates a number of flights for you and gives you cargo/pax to carry etc. Is there something like this around?

Sublogics ATP had this.

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Elkin Guest

Thank you again.

"An instrument rating indicates the holder has enough sense to know when to stay on the ground."

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I also remember stumbling upon a program whilst searching for info on virtual airlines. It involved various things, like piloting a small plane that had to deliver, say medicine, to one place within an alloted time scale, and then recieve a pickup from there and take it on to somewhere else etc. You can set parameters such as flight distances/times etc.
Can I find it now? Can I heck!

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There are a number of "challenges" mixed in this link, I don't know if these are what your looking for.

So far this one is only available at http://www.flightsim.com

FS2004 Adventure To Test Your Pilot's Skill

Name: thechall.zip Size: 4,018,382 Date: 09-08-2004
FS2004 Adventure To Test Your Pilot's Skill. Are you ready to accept 'The Challenge'? Fly in the Sydney sky through eight 'very special' gates at assigned speed and altitude, make precision landing and you'll win the challenge! Two mistakes allowed, at the third mistake a ground-to-air missile shoots you down. English and Italian language supported. By Michele Giandomenico

I also posted a link for all 2004 downloadable adventures.


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Sharpen up your pilot skills.

Elkin Guest

I found all the dangerous approaches downloads. These are a LOT of fun!!!!

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I said it before.

ALLL of you have to try this airfield AQY in Alaska!!!!!!!

You better take the slowest and most maneuverable plane you GOT!!!!!!

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