what your favorite 727 panel?

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Hello, i really like jets like the 727 and the DC-10..i guess what i really like about them is the fact they have 3 engines...for a while i wasnt able to find a DC-10 or 727 panel that i can fit into.......but i did stumble on one which was costom made...and wasnt too much complicated....also included a nice overhead panel....when click on the compass button on the panel....i dont know if its here in flyawaysimuation but i was able to find it on avsim. file name is
..so tell us whats your favorite '3engine jet' panel...

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atreyu Captain

do you want a link to download it? and do you like alaska airlines?

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yup big alask air fan..gots a nice texture for the default 747 in alaska...757,767,73G,732,727...and i dont fly airbus. so i never downloaded the ifdg A319,A320.....shur i check out what you want me to see

i forget to add.also the 734...which baaaadly needs winglets 😂

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My favorite panel is whatever works at the time, and is realistic to a degree, but I dont want to fumble around with switches for 20 minutes before I take off.

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Sam (SamIntel) Captain

Ther captain sim 727 panel is my favorite.

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hehe.....like i sayid earlier......payware always screws with me.....(exept for PMDG)........i had FSD Intl's Piper Navajo, then they made me pay for it a total of 2 times........i tryed the capitan cheap...cough cough..oops. capitan sim 727...and right when i took off...it completly froze my pc.......so i will only buy and fly PMDG......notin else

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Jared Captain

I only buy from PMDG because the planes are great and no problems at all. The support forum is also the best. I've bought from F1 and they were pretty good.

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