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hey everyone,

I am now proud to say that I am the owner of a fleet of Airbus A380 aircraft (well, the Abacus A380 add on anyway)...

theres just one tiny problem....

my fleet's grounded because the user manuel is absolutely diabolical!

I have figured most things out except for a couple of things on the autopilot:

There is a section on the autopilot that says AP ENGAGE, underneath it are three buttons:


I have no idea what any of these stand for or do, except for when I press the CMD button the autopilot seems to work!!

The last thing I am unsure about is a button that says ATT on it. Underneath it are the LOC (i guess localiser) and APP buttons for auto landing. But what does ATT stand for and do?!

If anyone can tell me bout what these buttons stand for and do I would be most appreciative...



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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Welcome to the forums 😀

CMD is short for command which basically enables autopilot.
LVL is a mode of autopilot that keeps the wings level and stops the aircraft from changing direction.
Y/D is yaw damper, which dampens the rate at which you yaw i.e. turn using the rudder I believe. Someone else might be able to explain that better 🙄
ATT is autothrottle which is used so the pilot does not have to keep changing throttle setting as the autopilot will change throttle power to keep a specified speed.

Hope that helps 😉

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

99jolegg is right. Good job, mate! 😀

As for APP, that isn't used for auto landing. It is used to capture the glideslope and fly it. It does capture the localizer too, but it is mostly used to capture the glideslope from below and fly it. To auto land, you can engage the auto land button that comes with some panels or in an Airbus panel, like the PSS one, engage both autopilots for a CAT II Dual Auto Land.

P.S. The panel of the Airbus A380 is basically the same as the A340, but with more technology on it. There you be two AP buttons in the Auto Pilot panel (AP1 and AP2) When you are in final approach, engage both auto pilots for an Auto Land.

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