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Thanks for the assistance, my real problem is sometimes there is a "push back truck" included in the package, how do one activate this?

I also need drivers for the ms ff pro joystick for win xp

Where can I get aircraft carries to land on?

Please help with the installation of the rescue euro copter


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1-Follow the directions for the push back truck given in the read-me that came with the download. It's also possible that it wasn't meant to be a working model (I'm not familiar with it).

2-There isn't any that I can find.
Try this: go into Settings/ Control Panel in the Start menu. Select Game Controllers from the list (If you can't see Game Controllers in the list select "Switch to Cl@ssic View" at the top left of the screen then select Game Controllers from the list). Select Add in the dialogue box which appears. From the list that appears select Microsoft Sidewinder (auto-detect). Click OK and exit your way back out.
Also http://support.microsoft.com/?scid=kb;en-us;294672





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