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Being new to Flyaway my FS capabilities have gone up by leaps and bounds having followed the posts from all the good people out there in Flyaway and I'm now getting to the stage of doing things "proper". Where do I obtain charts for the major UK airports - are there any downloads anywhere??

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Don Wood Guest

Since no one has answered you from the UK, I'll give a general answer a try.

I am not aware of any web site on which you can download sectionals. The primary difficulty in doing so is that they are very large pieces of paper and I have trouble visualizing how they might be downloaded and still be useful.

The advice I would give a USA pilot is to go to the nearest airport that either gives flight lessons or rents airplanes. The company doing that almost always has a pilot's supply store where you can purchase a sectional. They are not very expensive and then you'll have the real thing in your hands. I would guess the same answer would apply in the UK.


Thanks Don - I was trying to avoid mail order - I'll try down the local airstrip - they know me from my photography exploits there

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