Problem with landing lights in FS2k4

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Hey all,

Hope someone can help...

I just noticed that for some reason I can't see any landing lights in the 2D view. I'm aware that some aircraft brought over from previous versions don't work, but NONE of my aircraft show landing lights in 2D view. I can see them from the spot view and virtual cockpit, just not the 2D!?

Any ideas would be appreciated.
Things I've tried:
Cranking display settings
Ensured my spotlight.bmp is ok.
A ton of planes from 172 to PMDG
Render to texture and vice versa, lighting and textures etc.

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The lights may be angled in the down position. From the 2D view try moving the light using these keyboard commands:

Landing Light Tilt Down = CTRL+SHIFT+Num Pad 2

Landing Light Tilt Left = CTRL+SHIFT+Num Pad 4

Landing Light Tilt Right = CTRL+SHIFT+Num Pad 6

Landing Light Tilt Up = CTRL+SHIFT+Num Pad 8

Center Landing Light = CTRL+SHIFT+Num Pad 5

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Hey thanks for the reply. Yeah, I saw that in another post and gave it a whirl to no avail... 😞

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