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1st, I just registered, but, I wanted to ask a question before my account is activated.

I have 2 questions.

#1 Is there some way to completely automate a flight from the takeoff roll to the landing roll? I am interested in learing more about how to use all the controls, but, I would like to watch it being done first. I am interested in a short flight, like say, STL (where I live) to somewhere within 1 hour or so like ORD, or LIT, somewhere where I would not be watching level flight for hours on end.

#2 I have recently upgraded from FS98 to FS2004. In FS98, taking off from San Deigo Lindburgh field on Rwy 9 and then turning to 150 degrees you can see the Coronado Bay Bridge. I was recently on vacation there and it was wild that the bridge was actually there. Now, I tried the same takeoff sequence in FS2004 and the bridge is NOT there!!! That seems very strange to me that 2004 would NOT have terrain related things that 98 had. I have all the detail settings to MAX in 2004, and the bridge is just not there at all!

Thanks for the input everyone!

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Wile E Coyote Guest

I don't really think that there is a "flight demonstration" in the simulator, but I do think that a flight can be "recorded" to a video file. In the simulator there is an option to record the flight. I haven't really checked, but it must be compiled into a file.
If you want to see a flight, just name the airports and the aircraft, and someone here will send you the file (or even me).

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I took at look at the San Diego area and you are right! No bridge (which is very big and fun to drive over when I lived there). As for a flight demo, try the flying lessons with Rod. He will fly the plane and you get to watch. Try the flight tests also. Not as easy as you might think.

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