Taxi speed???

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Hi all, what speed do you taxi at? Also, is there some kind of keystroke to give u a pre-designated taxi speed? Many thanks

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

1. Depends on the aircraft
2. No
3. You're welcome

1- in detail, generally keep below 22KIAS in jet aircraft, stay at or below 15 in GA aircraft.
2. You CAN get panels that have taxi gauges, but they usually blow.

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Bindolaf Captain

Rule of the thumb:

Straight taxiways, you can do 20-25 kts.
Slow down to 10-11 kts for turns (some passengers hate being thrown into the lap of the person sitting next to them).

Bogysim Guest

There is no min. or max. Taxispeed.
As long as you have your aircraft under control it's alright.
I know pilots who taxi their 737 at 35kt. on straightway taxiways.



Ant478 Guest

Thanks for the replies, they are much appreiciated! Yeah, i guess the taxi speed does vary, i can remember being on a JMC 757, and that was taxiing quick! i must of been doing about 30-35 mph, i dont know how fast that is in knots! By , the way, im getting sponsorship by the RAF next year to become a pilot 'YAY' 🙂. Anyone else here a pilot, FEM?

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Jason (Av8r77) First Officer

If the pilots are taxiing at 35kts, they better not get caught. Most airlines have limits on taxi speeds.

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