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I am new to FS world. I've been reading lot of books/help to understand how to navigate etc. But I've not seen a place that would answer my question in a nut shell. Here is my question

When I use my GPS for navigation, it plots a straight "purple" line on the map and all that you got to do is navigate. However, as you approach the destination, you would be diving into the airport if you followd the GPS purple line. I've been selecting different approches and vectors using the GPS. They draw thin dotted line in the map depending upon which Vector I choose. Now here is the question,

1) When and How do I deviate of my main course towards the final approach Vector?

2) Is there a formula to calculate what should be the height at a given distance from the ILS approach? Most of the times when I go around the Vector (curves), by the time I reach the ILS zone, I am too high always. How do I maintain the height even when I curve? Please assume I am flying a 747

3) I am very bored with "Soar airlines" , "Orbits" and "transworld". I see beautiful of screenshots of lot of commercial airlines (like american etc)...Can anyone provide me a link to one that also has a Virtual Cockpit? Most of them I tried does not have Virtual Cockpit

Thank you for your replies in advance

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Regarding your navigation questions, I am sure you will be able to answer these using the following pages:

There is a great free package for AI aircraft called Project AI which can be used with FS2002 and FS2004. You can visit the homepage for more information or download it straight from our file library:

Hope this helps 🙂)

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I generally use gps or vor's for the enroute portion of the flight. At about 20miles out I disengage the autopilot and hand fly the approach. If you look at the shorter range settings on the gps you will see little triangles, those are waypoints and intersections. Most of those are initial approach fixes. I fly to the one of those first, then I line up with the runway localizer. You should be about 5000' agl when you capture the glideslope. Follow the ILS from there to the runway. Remember, under 10,000' msl the FAA speed limit is 250kias in jets and 200kias in props.

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