downloading planes on to fs 2004 disck trouble

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I keep on having trouble when i try and download an aircraft on to my flight simulation disk as it wont let me add aircraft on to the says the disk is full but also says i can copy files on to it.however it dosent let me delete files off the c.d neither. please could anybody help me with my problem.

thank you very much to who ever answers.

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A CD holds about 700mb, if you load one at a time you'll use the disk up faster with fewer files that you would if you burned the 700mb at one time.
In other words, make a folder and download you aircraft into it and burn that when you reach 695mb or burn one at a time and have half the files on the CD.
There are two types of CD's, one will let you burn the files to it once and that's it, you can't delete them. This is the most common ones that you find in the stores and on sale.
The other lets to rewrite (delete) files.

If you are trying to add aircraft to your flight sim 4 disk set, forget it the disk is locked.



so what would be the best thing to do then at this moment.

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If you are planning on keeping downloads so you can burn them to a CD make a folder in "My Documents" and download to there. You can open them, install them in the sim and when that folder reaches 695mb, burn it for safe keeping.
That way you'll have your favorite aircraft in case you have to reinstall the sim again.
Name it "FlightDownoads".


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