fs-2004 f2, f3, and the f7 flap keys dont work

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Hi there, Im running fs2004 with just the keyboard and by the way it is bloddy hard, must get a Joy stick, but the problem is that the decrease and increase F2 and F3 and the F7 Flap keys don't work. I know I can use the throttle and the flap switch in the cockpit, Its just the throttle is so sticky using the mouse any one with the same problem ??

ps I have the numlock and caps lock keys off,

One more thing I,ve seen the Logitech wingman force joystick and it seems to have a good write up, does any one agree ?. When I search it on Amazon in germany they only have a 3d type which is cheaper and looks different without the red buttons, any one out there in europe who knows where to get hold of it, Thanks alot for any help Cheers.... 😳

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