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I am flying my B747 and at an altitude of 12000 ft, when I go over around 450 knts a ticking sound starts happening and a message saying 'overspeed' flashes up. Why is it doing this? What am I doing wrong?



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😀 You are going too fast.You must have damage switched off or you would break up .
Click the little tick sign (by the throtle,radio switch)then click the bottom panel.This will give you safe speeds and other info
The max speed of a 747 is 355 inticated airspeed
These notes are in all fs aircraft.
Hope it helps

PS The higher you go, you should lower your indicated speed(all to do with thinner air less resistance I think

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If you have reached 450 knots and overspeeded, it means one thing: this speed is TRUE airspeed. This speed is useful when you need to calculate fuel consumption or the time to the destination.
In the Realism menu change the option to INDICATED airspeed. This speed is most important for a pilot. All speeds listed in the Kneeboard are INDICATED airspeeds (the speed of the air that "travels" over the wing). In the Boeing 747, the Vne speed (Never Exceed speed) is 355 INDICATED airspeed (KIAS), meaning - don't ever pass that speed at any configuration or flight condition.

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At higher altitudes, the maximum (IAS) speed decreases

This is a combination of... since you are doing more work & inducing more vibration & wear (due to lower atmospheric density) for the same speed at a higher altitude, and covering less earth than you would be at a lower altitude.

If you don't enjoy the study of physics, just deal with it...

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That used to happen to me all the time ..Especially in jets till I discovered the AirSpeed Hold Button...You will find it with your auto pilot stuff..Just bring up the kneeboard before take-off,it will tell you the fastest speed allowed,and then set your speed and turn on featurd before starting your roll...Be careful,,once set and actiavited,you will automaticly start your take-off roll..So be set to go,,lined up straight on the tarmac and go...Now you don't have to worry about your airspeed..Even on decent it will lower your RPM's...But you may need to apply speed brakes till you can lower flaps saftly....The best rule I found is the lower to the ground you are,,the lower your speed...At least for the Lear....All speed info again is in your kneeboard....Good luck......Mason

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