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Private Pilot checkride - climb speed?

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Anybody else find that the pleasant-sounding (but hard as nails) examiner expects you to climb at 100 knots (or within 10 KIAS) which is very hard work indeed in the Cessna 172?

Try climbing out at a more reasonable 80 - 85 K and its an instant failure at 2000 ft.

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Have not done that chackride myself, but what happens when you try to pull a 100kt climb? A slow accent perhaps. Can you climb at 100kts?


what happens when you try to pull a 100kt climb? A slow accent perhaps. Can you climb at 100kts?

Continuous climb at 100 kts is not possible, but it's just possible to exceed 90 by lowering the pitch to less than +10deg. That keeps the dragon from failing you and lets you through to the next stage (20 deg banked left turn) but it's not the most efficient climb.

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That is ridiculous, you can easily climb a Cessna 172 at about 95 to 105KIAS, its your typical enroute climb. The FS2002 and 2004 C172s have always felt a little slower than a real 172, I have no idea why, the engines are copied exactly...yet you get about 5 KIAS less cruise performance at 2300RPM, level flight. Odd.


I did the checkride sucessfully while climbing to 2000ft with 75kts! There was no problem with the dragon!

No real help for your problem though, I am sorry

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When I did the checkride I did a 80 knot climb and she didn't fail me

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i've been stuck on that for a while. the instructions given are climb to 2000 ft then level off and maintain 100kn. the problem is when i level off at 2000 ft the lesson ends because apparently i rolled out to soon. this is getting really annoying. what am i doing wrong. also does anyone else experience the plane tending to bank left all the time. constantly trying to correct adds to the workload. thanks

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I never had a problem with the speed, although it took for ever to reach 2k but it was the roll out at the top that got me also. I quit the lesson and just tried a bunch of climbs trying to hit the mark perfectly. When I felt good about it, I went back the lesson and hit it with no problem. 😂
It is always what seems the easiest that get's us.
Oh yeah, one other thing, I decided to put my 🍻 beer down until after I leveled off.

Good luck,

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