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Been looking for a replacement for my Logitech Wingman Attack 2, which was
never very smooth. I like to read as much customer feedback as possible.
What I read was a little discouraging because everything in the
$50-and-under range had a horror story to go with it. So went with the one
with the least-poor reviews--the Saitek Cyborg-Evo. US$40

Got it home, installed was like doing the backstroke through melted
butter baby! Wow. A smooth action stick combined with ~40fps and buttons
for everything! Heaven. Felt like ...piloting!

Anyway--that was my choice. I'd like to hear anyone else's experience with
it--good or bad.

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I have heard both good and bad about all...Seems as if it depends more on your system than anything...All I have ever used is my LogiTec 3D Pro..The first one had issues,,but was returned and so far the replacement has been teriffic...Also if you setr your senitivies for your system they will behave better......Happy flying brook......Mason

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I have already experienced the much reported problem with it falling out of calibration. We'll see how frequently this needs to be done. I read one customer review who felt that calibrating his stick every time he turned on the computer was unacceptable. I feel like I can live with that if the thing continues to perform as it has out of the box.

(I will consider calibration the equivalent of a preflight walk-around 😉 )

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