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Hi, you, the flight simmers!

I believe none of you noticed Bartholomew had been absent for about two months, but I assure you,
he was thinking of these boards every day! Well, not litterally, but he sure did think of them every week.
*lol* 🙂 I'm kidding!

Now, seriously. Even though I was disabled to use the internet for some time I was able to fly the FS,
so I came up with like a hundred questions that I thought of asking you and now I remember only half.
Nah, I'm joking... I can remember only ten. Actually, it's five... But what the heck, I'll ask only one thing! 🙂
It's about the addon airplanes. I've recently bought the 727 Professional and I installed it. Besides
blah, blah, blah it also says in the manual that you should increase or decrease power on first and
third engine in order to turn while taxiing. But that is impossible! 😞 When you press E + 1, you DO
select the first engine, but then you can NEVER select all three engines again or only third or second.
Even when you first press E + 2, for example, the first engine gets selected anyway. Same thing
with most of the addon planes. Is there a cure for this or should I start feeling bad? 😞

Thanks in advance!


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Greekman72 Chief Captain

I believe none of you noticed Bartholomew had been absent for about two months

Dont be so sure about that. 😉

As about your question there are a lot of experts in heavy jets and they will help.Im not (sorry for this)
Although sometimes i try to fly them i use to start the engines by the default keys in the cockpit or by CTRL+E and i think that they start one by one.

Wait for more specific respeonces than mine and Welcome Back ❗

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Tailhook Chief Captain

My first port of call would be the forums at the site where you bought your payware add-on.. Have you tried that??

Another idea - you could wait for OG to turn up - but you might have to be patient, it seems he's taken the day off or he's in the middle of a long-haul.

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

If I understand you correctly, you want to select all enginges again after only selecting one or two to turn. Well select an engine like you have done i.e. E + 1, and then if you want to select all of them, press E + 1, 2, 3, in quick succession. Hope that helps 😉

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Bartholomew First Officer

Well, Jolegg, to be honest, it doesn't really help because I know about that so I've already tried it. If I select the first engine I can never select any other or all three of them no matter what I do.

By the way, Tailhook, the site I bought the addon from is PCaviator, and it's awesome! I think I never remembered to check whether they have forums, but you just gave me an idea! Idea There's an e-mail you can use if you want to get informed about the products, so I think I'll try that!

Thanks for the answers anyway! You too Greekman! 😂 Hope a heavy jet expert will come across this topic...

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

If the quick succession trick doesn't work, it seems there is a bug in the addon, because nearly all the aircraft I have will do it (Obviously with the exception of those with only one engine in the first place). I would say just use the 2-d cockpit, and grab the thrust lever with your mouse, and move it on it's own, then after you complete the turn, hit F1 to bring all the engines back to idle, and resume your taxi with all engines at once.

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Tailhook Chief Captain

PCAviator - good people. I've dealt with them in the past and my e-mails were always replied in a prompt anf friendly manner. Don't see any reason why things should have changed.
I would definately try their Technical Support and/or Costumer Service.

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lkw First Officer

If you are still looking for a solution this gauge may provide an answer.

Can be found in avsim search for

File Description:
Does one of these problems sound familar ?? 1. In my multi-engine aircraft, I suddenly find that my throttle controller only works for Engine-1, and I cannot correct this by typing (default keys) the keysequence E 1 2 (3 4). 2. In my aircraft that has an Exit-2, I cannot open/close Exit-2 by typing (default keys) the keysequence Shift-E 2 (instead Exit-1 opens/closes). If so, adding this invisible gauge to your panel should solve these problems. Easy to install, and fully documented. By Rob Barendregt.

After you have added this gauge to your panel, the behaviour of "SelectEngine"
and "SelectExit" is a little different, especially timing-wise.

It now works as follows:
- "E" only: after 1 sec, ALL engines are selected. (default FS2004 behaviour:
Engine-1 is selected immediately).
- "E", followed by the engine number(s) WITHIN ONE SECOND, selects the specified
E.g. with "E 2 3" typed within one second, Engines 2 and 3 are selected.
- "Shift-E" only: after 1 sec, Exit-1 is toggled.
- "Shift-E", followed by the exit number(s) WITHIN ONE SECOND, opens/closes the
specified Exit.
E.g. with "Shift-E 2" typed within one second, Exit-2 is toggled.

(above taken from readme package with the gague)

Special thanks to tailhook for suggesting I check out other gauges that Mr. Barendregt has produced. 😀

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