Becoming an airline pilot

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There have been a number of questions in the past year about how to become an airline pilot. USA Today's web site has an excellent discussion of how one pilot accomplished that goal at

The column is specifically directed toward women achieving that goal because the question she is answering was posed by a woman, however, everything she says about how she did it will apply equally to men. It is a long hard road but if your goal is to become an airline pilot, there is a lot of good information.

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jarred_01 Captain

Thanks for that Don, interesting article. 👍

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Great article Don, thanks for sharing it 🍻

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fuchsias Trainee

whatever happens in life always follow your dreams

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Michael_H First Officer

Thanks for that Don,

here is another thing that may be of interest.. A friend of mine went through the Cadet Pilot program at Cathay Pacific in the late 80s and has now worked his way up to first officer with China Airlines on AirBus A340s. He is looking at six more years before moving one seat to the left.,,128395,00.html

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