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Is there a download or anything that will put a radio, CD, or tape player in the plane so I can put music in the computer and have it play on FS while I'm flying?

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SamIntel wrote:

Is there a download or anything that will put a radio, CD, or tape player in the plane so I can put music in the computer and have it play on FS while I'm flying?

This may do it.

File Description:
Inflight Music. Tested in FS2004 only. A simple addition to virtually any panel which allows the user to play their favorite music during those long and tedious flights. The display has eight programmable switches which will play MP3/WMA/WAV/MID files that are located anywhere on your computer - they do not have to be in your Sound directory. A windows explorer style interface allows you to select the proper music file which can be set to play once or loop and it allows you to set the volume. The guage I have used was written by R.L. Clark. His work is outstanding! A setup for the FS2004 default B737-400 panel is included along with all necessary files to allow you to add this to most other panels. Other uses could include Cabin Announcements. Unzip to a Temp directory (use folder names option) and follow the simple install instructions.

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Clicked on the the next link the Ultimate Boeing Panel and found this on the last entry

Secondly, whilst playing around and checking out the panel, ( maybe other aircraft panels already have this ??? ) I came across the F.M.-A.M. radio and C.D. player, and was surprised that when I put the mouse arrow on the eject button on the cd player and pressed it, the DVD rom tray on my tower opened up !!! so I inserted a cd, and surprise surprise !!! clicking on the same button, the tray closed a working cd player in the cockpit. So, you can actually listen to your favourite album in the cockpit on those long flights !!!! it even lets you select your tracks anyone else come across this in other aircraft ???

Thought you may be interested.

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Ok, thanks guys. 😀

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RadarMan wrote:

I think this is what you want.


Punk Punk Punk 👍 👍 👍

Excellent add-on RadarMan ❗

IKW your link is great too. 😉

Thank a lot ❗

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Here is my Beechcraft 58(Deans Panel Add-on)with RadarMans Radio/cd(i have to resize it a litle in order to fit well in panel). 😉

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Thanks for the links guys, great find. 👍

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I downloaded the gauge but I don't know how to add lines as per instructions below. Please help me.

1. You should first have installed Microsoft's DirectX v9.0b or higher drivers. You should also have installed Microsoft's latest Windows Media Player version 9 Series or higher for your operating system, which you can download at Make sure your Windows systray volume controls are not muted for the Play, Wave, MIDI and CD Audio controls. Also make sure your "Auto insert notification" box is unchecked in the \Properties\Settings for your CD/DVD ROM drive set through your Windows Control Panel System Device Manager.

2. Add the accompanying gauge file, radiocd4.gau, to the \Gauges directory of your FS2002/FS2004/CFS2/CFS3 program.

3. To use the gauge with a selected aircraft you need to edit (add lines to) the aircraft's panel.cfg file as you would to install any other gauge file. (E.g., call out the gauge as "radiocd4!radiocd" in your panel.cfg, e.g., as in the following call out: gaugeXX=radiocd4!radiocd,0,0,200)

The panel.cfg file is found in the \panel folder in your aircraft folder found in the main \aircraft folder in your main FS program directory. The simplest way of doing the editiing is with a text editing program such as "Notepad". *** BE SURE TO MAKE A BACKUP COPY OF YOUR ORIGINAL panel.cfg FILE FIRST ***

The following is an example of what to do:

- In the [Window Titles] section of the panel.cfg, add the line:

Window**=Radio/CD Player

where '**' is the next free window number.
For the default FS2004 Cessna 172 ONLY !!: '**' is 06

- After the last [Window..] section of the panel.cfg, add the lines (use copy/paste to avoid typing errors):

window_size= 0.293, 0.121
window_pos= 0.707, 0.000

gauge00=radiocd4!radiocd, 0, 0, 300

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