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Hi I have acctually been thinking of going to Phoenix East Aviation to become a commercial pilot. I was wondering if anyone on this forum has acctually been to this school and if so what do you think of the school? I have also heard that airlines are having trouble right now so I was wondering if I have a good chance of getting a job after this school or if airlines are gonna cut down on the number of pilots and not hire many people.

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I don't know anything about Phoenix East Aviation but maybe I can give you some information that will help. The airline industry is in bad shape. Many major airlines have pilots on furlough. As a new commercial pilot, you won't have the hours for these jobs anyway. The smaller airlines are doing much better and are hiring pilots that meet their minimum hourly requirements. You will have to get your Certified Flight Instructor certificate (CFI) and teach for few years before you can apply to a smaller airline. This is normal and the CFI is included in most courses. Positions for new commercial pilots are limited due to lack of experience. Sight seeing flights, flying skydivers and teaching are just a few that most people start with. A small cargo outfit that flies reciprocating singles and twins is also a possibility. When you finish your training, you will have about 250-300 hrs. with about 30 hrs of multi engine time. You will need at least 500 hours total time for a very small turboprop airlines to as high as about 1000-1500 hours for a small jet airlines. This normally must include a certain amount of multi engine time that is hard to come by. A min. of 100 hrs. for a very small turboprop airline to as much as 500 for some small jet airlines. A major airlines requires many more hours, approximately 5000-10000 hrs. as well as certain types of hours. Your school may have a connection to a particular company that may offer you a job with less time than usual. All of the hour requirement are only approximations. They change from time to time so you will have to research each aviation job to determine their minimum requirements. I have included a link to a great website that will give you information on many airlines. Pilots are normally paid only for hours that they fly. Average pay hours for airline pilots is about 85 hours per month. The website has hourly pay rates based on seniority and equipment. This industry is very cyclic so the best time to get into aviation is when there is not much hiring. When the hiring starts, you will have the hours and experience to acquire positions available. It varies widely with the state of the industry but normal is about 6-8 years to reach the major airlines from the day you get your first pilot job. I hope that I 've not made it seem too grim to become a airline pilot. It's not easy and you should know what your getting yourself into before you spend many thousands of dollars. If you need anymore information, let me know. 🙂

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