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This morning, at around 7am BST, I was driving along the a414 heading east back to my hometown of Harlow after visiting a place called "ware" in hertfordshire. I glanced up to find two passenger planes seemingly flying in formation 😳

As i got further down the a414 I noticed that three other planes had joined them separated by around 100-200 feet each and they appeared to be circling in some kind of holding pattern.

I guess this is the first time i've ever witnessed them ATC guys stacking up planes ready for approach, but it seemed unusual at such a time as on a sunday morning, when i'd expect it to be quiet.

They loooked like they were holding between the south and south east, as i headed east it was at my three o clock.

Anybody heard anything of any problems at any airports in the south east? such as luton? gatwick? Stansted? etc


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What makes you think it's a problem? It was most probably a holding pattern as you said. I guess you would've known if it had been an air show. 😕 You say "separated by 100-200 feet"? Are you sure they were so close? Because if you are it definitely seems like an acrobatic thing!

gazpode_l Guest

ok, perhaps there wasn't a problem Embarassed

but what I can say is that they were probably circling at around 3500 - 4000 foot and it seemed to look to me like they were only separated by 100-200 feet.

I'd heard that they use this separation on television so again I could be wrong and it may be further appart.


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