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im having alittle trouble w/ the addons i unzip the file n put it in aircraft folder but then when i go on to the FS2004 create a flight it doesn't give me options to choose one of my downloaded planes, ne advice would be appreciated

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Are you using 2004 aircraft.
Are they full aircraft or just textures.
Have you looked under the manufacturers name, or at the bottom of the list "Unspecified".

Here is the way we suggest to install.

If I may, download the Aeronca Chief from this site , all you do is unzip and drag and drop it into your main aircraft folder. See if it shows up and you can choose and fly it. By the way, it's a fun little aircraft with a great sound.

Good luck and let us know how you do.


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In addition to RadarMans suggestion i would like to notice something.
Sometimes when you extract your A/C folder into the FS aircraft file,you will figure out that although the A/C folder is there you cant find the craft in FS menu.
If you open this Aircraft file you will notice that it contains another one file with the crafts name.Cut this file and paste it in the A/C folder...delete the first one.Now you have the original A/C file and your craft in the menu.
You must always restrart FS after you do something in its folders.The same situation happens sometimes for gauges,textures etc.You extract the contained files of the zip but you get a folder in FS files. 😉

Personally i have create a temp folder in my desktop(or wherever you like)and i extract there all the zip contents.From there with simple copy past i install my add-ons 😉

Ohhh and something more... as i see that this is your first post...Welcome to Flyaway. 😀 😉

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