FS2004 flight takes a long time to load

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Problem....... FS2004 use to run OK, but now when loading a new flight or default it takes long time to load (terrain) ie....3/4 mins with or without addon scenery and airports UK........has anyone got any idea's......Thanks Dave

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RadarMan Chief Captain

More memory will make textures render faster, that is if your computer has a good CPU and video card.

Why not list your computer specs.


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DaveHH Trainee

Thanks for your reply Radar, Comp Spec :

AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3200+ BUS SPEED 200MHz
1024MB Ram 80GIG H.Drive Windows XP
3Dmark03 = 8129

Only one 6600GT card is selected (card set to panoramic mode), because 2 cards will not work with 2*LCD Screens.

Spec has not changed since FS2004 used to run OK

Thanks Dave

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Your specs are more than enough(in my opinion)to run FS.Have you recently add something to your system which maybe cause this problem?Not particurarly something for FS but also some other program that running on background and cause you problems.

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Hello Greekman.....Thanks for your reply, Yes I have added a joystick (logitek attack 3 USB) and this part of the problem, along with addon scenery/airports, to summerise:

loading a selected / created flight in default scenery using joystick takes 15 sec's to load.

as above but using addon scenery (airports+VFR) takes 5 mins, a dodge round this is to deselect the joystick, then render the flight, exit out, reselect the joystick and back into the flight usually about 20 sec's, I shall use this bodge until something better crops up..........Thanks

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Im using the same exactly the same joystick as you but i dont get in any problems with it...Its strange.Try the joysticks troubleshooter steps and also try to select and calibrate it from FS menu.Just in case you also try to plug it in,in a different USB port.
And a stupid question...I guess that you are running Windows XP SP2..right?

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DaveHH Trainee

I am running XP SP2, I have tried another USB port and Defrag the drive and it has considrably improved the loading times.........thanks again Greekman, I shall call it a day 😀

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