FS9 crashes to desktop midway through a flight

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After consulting this reference:

even though I was not experiencing the exact problem they address (mine was similar in that I was crashing to the desktop), I tried their solution. I removed "viewpoint.exe" and "viewpoint.mgr" from the programs shown in Add/Remove, before doing another uninstall/re-install, or worse, of fs9.


I have flown for about twenty hours since with no crashes even on previous flights that crashed regularly. VIEWPOINT was the culprit and I don't even know why that program was in my computer. Before removing it I was unable to get even from LaGuardia to Philadelphia. Now I can do NY to Chicago (or anywhere!) and back without having the program crash.

The problem was NOT overheating - as several of you and I had suspected.

Put this in the back of your mind as you may need it for future reference. VIEWPOINT and FS9 do not get along with each other! I still don't know why I had Viewpoint among my programs.

Thanks to all who tried to help. You guys are terrific!


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That's also what makes the kneeboard crash.
Interesting that it would do it to your sim also.
Thanks for letting us know!


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I have never had the Viewpoint ptoblem but, when I first started using FS9, I would get a crash occasionally and I finally noticed that just before each one happened, I had activity on my cable modem. Once I started turning the modem off before activating FS9, I never had the problem again.

It may not be the modem that is directly caused the problem. I have my system setup to check for updates on my anti-virus software every 20 minutes and it may have been the activation of that software on the web that was causing it. In any event, turning off the modem fixed it for me.

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