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hi guys, i've got a bit of a problem and knew i'd find the solution to it here 😀
i've recently joined VATSIM and am currently using SquawkBox 3. Everything works fine with this but now i'd like to try online ATC. i've downloaded the recommended radar control program but nothing seems to happen, i wonder if i've missed something that i was supposed to do

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Go to and click on "New Pilots Start Here" on the left hand side near the top. A menu will come up on the left. Look through the Software Setup on the left. It will tell you how to set up the software for VATSIM and use it 😉

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Jamie Robson (Jamier) First Officer

you also need to get the maps for the airports, i cant remmeber the sites but when you laod it, it shows you your airports and all flights in the area.

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Bindolaf Captain

If you are interested in becoming an online controller, here's a few pointers:

1) First familiarise yourself with being a pilot. Learn procedures, how to read charts, precision and non precision approaches. Be fluent with vectors, holds, ILS, missed approaches.

2) Contact the vACC/ARTCC you want to be controlling at (the area). This will require some extra registration. For example, I am registered in VATSIM, VATEUD (the european chapter) and HvACC (the hellenic virtual air control center) and hold a rank of STU (student). This enables me to control greek airspace, but nothing else.

3) When you first start, your rank is OBS (observer). This means you may not issue any orders either over voice or text. You may connect to an area and observe. Observing means looking at radar blips and listening to the active controller.

4) After a lot of observing (for me around 40 hours, but it varies) you can start lessons (this depends on the vACC/ARTCC). I had about 40 hours of training before I earned my rating.

5) Keep in mind that you will need to read, study if you will. VATSIM takes controlling seriously, you can't just log in and experiment. Controllers have a big responsibility, we need to be efficient and sound professional to give the maximum "as real as it gets" experience to pilots. This does not mean we are asses 😉

6) Programs: You will need ASRC (the radar client) and the "sector file" for the area you want to see on your radar. Both can be downloaded at each vACC/ARTCC.

Good luck.

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