Hey guys! I'm back from my trip to Nice!

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I departed from Bergen Flesland airport to Oslo Gardemoen airport and then proceeded to Nice. Here are the pictures from the trip:

Norwegian 737 being pushed back for taxi

Seated in the 737 getting pushed back. I wasn't lucky enough to get a window seat, but I still managed to lean over my buddy and snap some pictures once a while.

After taking off - probably the best picture I've taken this trip.

Heading over the mountains to Oslo.

One of Norway's beautiful fjords seen from above

More beautiful landscape.

Clouds/fog in a valley.

Close up.

Final approach.

Right before touchdown.

A Norwegian (airline's name) 737. Engine for sale, only 600 kroner! That's about 85 USD.

Viewing the SAS Braathens 737 I just flew in while entering the terminal.

The plane from Gardemoen to Nice/Côte d'Azur was also a 737, but unfortunately I wasn't in position to take any pictures.

Departing from Nice, the next stop was Copenhagen Kastrup airport, and then finally Bergen Flesland.

My best friend was EXTREMELY lucky as someone had puked in his seat! Doesn't sound very lucky now does it? But guess what, the plane was completely full, and he had to sit in the cockpit together with the pilots! You can't imagine how angry I am at him for not taking and pictures!!!

Anyway, here are the pictures:

Window seat with a perfect wing view! Seated in the MD-81/82 getting ready for pushback.

Zooming in on the aircraft in the background of the previous picture (not sure which aircraft it is)

Taxiing to the runway with an aircraft taking-off in the background.

Holding while another MD (?) takes off.

Entering the runway.


Climbing. Notice the rainbow over the wing!

Flaps retracted and making a right turn while climbing.


Landing. Check out the vortex!


A SAS Braathens Airbus A340.

Same aircraft viewed in another angle.

And another.

Picture of the SAS Braathens De Havilland Q700 which flew me back home to Bergen.

Looks like the aircraft is hovering.

A beautiful fjord.

"Folgefonna" in the upper-right corner - a glacier where you can go skiing in the summer.

And last but not least another fjord, and some beautiful mountains covered in snow.

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sorry for the huge pictures.. it's the first time I post pictures, and I don't know how to make them smaller! I'll try to fix it

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Very nice shots SeanGa. 👍 worth to wait.

You can resize-modify them from the pic viewer you are using.Most of this programs offers this choice.

As i can see you use imageshack to upload them.You can post them through there as thumbnails.Have a look here ➡

....and ask anything you like. 😉

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Sean (SeanGa) Captain

Thanks greekman!

Before reading your post I resized them, making them a bit smaller. Maybe thumbnails would've been better, but it takes ages to resize them all over again, so I'll let them stay like this if it's ok for this one time :p

I hope you all enjoy the pictures!

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Nice shots SeanGa. Thanks for taking the time to share them with us 👍

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Good job SeanGa. ❗

Just a small tip.You dont need to resize them if you post them as thumbnails. 😉

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Great photos and a story to go with them.
Thanks for sharing your flying trip with us, I enjoyed looking at it.


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Sean (SeanGa) Captain

thanks a lot! Let's see if I can fix another travel report the next time I'm out flying Wink

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hinch Chief Captain

Holding while another MD (?) takes off.

yay it's a fokker!

nice pics, i'm so upset england isn't covered in snow since my return from austria.

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Great pics SeanGa, thanks for sharing!

Was Nice nice? You never mentioned. It's a real pity you weren't able to swap seats with your friend - but then, I'm not sure they allow you to take pics in the cockpit these days.

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PanAmerican Captain

Those are some nice pictures why not upload them to

😎 I give your photos a 10 out of 10 😎

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Sean (SeanGa) Captain

thanks again!

Unfortunately, Nice wasn't THAT nice, but at least the weather was.. the airport and beach area was very nice, but the city was a bit dirty.

I visited Monaco and Cannes as well, and both were much more beautiful than Nice.

I've just registered at jetphotos, thinking of uploading 2 pictures or something.. but do I need any aircraft registration number? I don't have any..

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