PMDG B737NG engine start problems.

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Hello dear PMDG users,

I have a small problem with starting my engines. I have read the manual pretty carefully and understood the procedure for engine start etc, but still don't know how to do it. After I start FS9 my engines are running. First thing I do is press F12 to shut down the fuel flow and electricity to ignition. I wait a little bit and open fuel valves again.

As you can see from the screenshot from the manual. You have to put the engine switches on GRD and then ensure fuel valves are open and then put the ignition switch on one of the positions you have to choose. Ok, I've done it, and then what? Nothing happens, nothing goes up, no ignition what so ever.
When I'm fed up with this I'm pressing ctrl+E but still it takes very long time for both engines to go fully up. Is this normal? Has anyone also have this problems?

If any PMDG user know how to do this please share your knowledge with me. Thanks.

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Well make sure that your APU bleed is the ONLY blled air on when starting. Keep the engine bleeds off until after start.

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Have done as you said man, didn't change anything. What the heck am I doing wrong...? Doh!

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I don't have your program but it sounds like you don't have air going to the engine. Make sure, via the pneumatic systems page, that you have air going to the engine from the APU. Jet engines are started Pneumatically. 🙂

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Have a read over this ➡

I found this very helpfull in starting from a cold and dark setup.

Liono.......Wisdom comes to these who waits ❗ ❗

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The engines not starting sounds like the APU isn't started. Ground-Power is all well and good for your electrical systems, but you definitly need the APU on to get the engines going. Make sure you don't skip that step when you load up, since I don't believe that is started automatically.

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🤔 will have to check that...

Thank you guys, will let you know if it's worked. Bow Down

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