change a downloaded aircrafts fuel capacity, etc

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can you do this for fspax? I know if you download something then try to use it for a passengers flight it sets it up for you, but sometimes it is wrong, eg i downloaded the bombradier crj-200 and it can hold about 70 passengers whereas it should only be able to hold 50ish. If i put 50 passengers onboard, i cannot have any fuel or cargo at all because it is over 100% of the aircrafts total capacity, simmilarly if i put 100% fuel and nothing else it is way over 100% of the total capcity, can i change this? sorry if i am not making myself clear but i can't think of any other way to explain

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I tried altering the boeing 737 once. Big mistake.
I thought I was being clever and wanted to use it for a transatlantic flight so I increased the fuel.
I took off ok but during my climb the plane just fell out of the air.
If you want to make subtle changes you can do it in the aircraft.cfg file but to be careful and back it up first.

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ok, i'll give it a try, thanks

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