Can someone please confirm my climb pattern for me please?

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Hey Peeps

I am currently flying my A319 and still can't get over the problem where my engines are running at 90% of n1 at crusing altitudes.

I have read somewhere that if you cliimb steep and then level out it helps, but I am not sure.

This is the way I am doing it:

Rotate at 145 knots
Climb at 3800ft/min until 15000
at 15000, lower to 2500ft/min until 18000
at 1800 lower to 1800ft/min until cruise

Is this c**p or about there?


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I don't know about you, but any a319 of mine will never climb at 3800fpm until 15000. Generally, this is my climb pattern.

Rotate at the appropriate Vr speed, depending on the factors.

Climb at 2800fpm until 1800ft.
Reduce to 2400fpm until about 9000
Reduce to 2200fpm until 16000
Reduce to 1800 until 26000
Reduce as required so as to maintain speed and arrive at the cruise speed appropriately.

Also, can you please check your .cfg file, and tell us what the thrust rating on your a319 is. Thanks 😉

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I have an entry of:


does that sound right?

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Thanks for all the info peeps.

My next question is how to measure 2800ft/m on my altimiter?

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You can do any vertical speed you want at any speed you want. Just don't stall or overspeed. Density altitude IS a huge factor I found even with FS2004. Wieght, wieght, WIEGHT!!! Runeway length, N1 settings and much more fit very close. Just use proper angle of attack and everything else will be adjusted. Attitude, Airspeed, Altimeter!!!

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Soz peeps, but just one more quick question.

I have been looking at the following photo: and cannot work out what the "CL" would relate to in FS? I am thinking about 80%?

Is this correct?


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It differs by aircraft and all the factors affecting it. For example, when flying the 777, because its so powerful, I can take her up at or below 75% thrust, wheras my a320 may require somewhere near 87% if heavy.

To maintain a specific Vertical Speed Rate, just look on the MCP, you should be able to dial it in somewhere near the Altitude entry. In the a319, I assume it will be just off to the right of the Altitude entry.

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Its alot easier to just climb at a certain speed then rate of climb. Otherwise you tend to run out of oomph at a certain altitude and then you have to level off to gain speed again.

In my Cessna Citation X I climb to 10,000 at 250knots, then 280knots up till FL180, then after that I climb at a speed of Mach .80 all the way up to FL490. 🙂

I used to try using the rate of climb method but I find holding a certain speed works ALOT smoother. But thats me, and thats how its done for the most part in real life. 🙂

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Everyone who posted appears to be taking off and climbing away without any attention to acceleration altitude. Normal procedure is to rotate and climb at V2+15-25 at 1500 ft nose down to accelerate to 250kts and retract flaps on speed schedule at 250 knots nose up and climb away at this speed to 10000ft then further climb at ECON climb speed...very basic jet take off explanation!
On the bus I believe CL detent is CLimb

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