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Today I whent on a tour of Denver Center, where my dad works. I got to watch and listen to him control traffic. I ❗ 😀 t was very cool! 😀
I also have one question. I downloaded the UPS MD-11 from this web site. When I go to fly it one of the flaps seems to be stuck down and the plane veers to one side on the runway. I think the veering is due to the flap problem but I could not get the plane of the ground due to this problem. Any ideas ❓ 🙂 😕

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Traffic controller job is great i think is very cool. 😀
Interesting that u have to listen your fathesd job...


make sure your Auto Pilot is off sometimes iff you have it on and quite the game then come back to the game and fly diff aircraft the Auto Pilot will be least this happens to me

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