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Hi guys, Hope all is well.

I haven't been able to sim for the last year now because my pc has a problem with unmountable boot volume. It supported FS9 well enough even though it was running on an Intel Celeron Processor (Frame rates of 20+). Now I've been monitoring Ebay and I've seen some Alienware Laptops and Dell XPS laptops. Will they be able to support FS9 or rather FSX if installed on it?? Any pros and cons of using a laptop?? Also can I connect the laptop (if purchased) to a crt monitor of mine???

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Without seeing the specs, I would guess they would most likely support FS9 and possibly FSX. Most laptops do provide for connecting an external monitor.

That said, the performance of laptops is not likely to be as good as a good desktop machine.

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a friend of mine has a dell laptop and also a dell desktop PC they are both compatiable with FS9 but i tried it out on his laptop and wasn't kean on flying on a laptop for the price you pay for them i really do suggest you invest into a desktop rather than a laptop for you simming needs! 😂

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