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CRJ mission ATC

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does anyone thinkl or know if the ATC in the CRJ mission is the ATC that will be in fsx. ❓

Because if it is that wold be great 😀

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I don't think so, because I was just flying a flight I created and the ATC was pretty much like FS9. Check it out for your self!

Nick 😀

TimH Guest

If you want to see what the ATC is like in Flight Simulator X check out this video I made a few days ago from the demo, that is what the ATC is really like in Flight Sim

Watch it here

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It's as annoying as usual, as you are about to land that *%#@(! comes up and interferes with your view.
I resize it but can't shut it off if I no longer need it.
I had hoped that they wold include that simple feature.



One problem i had with atc is when the window is open i cant control the plane. So i would have to close out of it to keep control. How could MS miss something as obvious as that? 😕

WantFSX Guest

The ATC in the CRJ mission was incredible! Who knows, in the final release we may all be suprised 😀

meylan Guest

hi Tim H what are you using to record video ? is it fraps or something better.

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