Intel Core 2 Duo

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Ok, so there is a new processor called Intel Core 2 Duo. Just a question? What is so good about it? And also does clock speed matter in a computer after you reach about 2GHz?

Thanks in advance,

Nick 😀

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Cool thanks alot RM!

Nick 😀

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AMD ruled the roost for bang for buck for a couple of years,but Intel fight back with a real winner

Ive been an AMD man for years now,and have been hanging on to upgrade.
This new 2core chip knocks AMD for 6(which is a real pi Censored er )because I was goig the AMD duel 64 route .
But Bang for buck now falls well and trully to Intel

Ive hung on to upgrade/rebuild/all new,for a couple months now,and have decided to wait untill the new DX10 GFX cards hit the market

(I have read that GFX cards marked as DX10 ready are optimised for DX9,so wait untill Vista is released)

So TTT is going to wait before buying FSX(I cant play the demo with the same FX as FS9)untill Vista is up and running.
I just hope DX10 GFX cards are not that far behind 😉

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