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I made a fligtplan so that a helicopter can take off of corona airport but the helicopter is showing up in the wrong parking spot how can I fix this?

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Use afcad2 to assign the parking spots for that airport[/b]

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I've always wondered.. what is AFCAD?

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From FAQs from here ➡

What can an AFCAD file do?

AFCAD, (Airport Facility Computer Aided Design) is a Copyright 2003 by Lee Swordy.

You can add, delete, move or modify runways. This includes all runway markings, lighting, approach lights, VASI and similar visual landing aids. Although you cannot create your own runway surface textures, you can choose from an array of stock surface types from concrete to water.

Different runways for takeoffs and landings
At airports that have parallel runways, you can change which runways ATC assigns to user and AI aircraft for takeoffs and landings. Note that you cannot make ATC use crossing runways or runways at different angles simultaneously.

You can add, delete, move or modify taxiways. This includes taxiway markings, lighting, surface type, and designations (e.g. taxiway "B2"). In addition to the visual appearance and location of taxiways, the routing of taxiways also controls how ATC routes user and AI aircraft around the airport.

You can add, delete, move or modify apron surfaces and apron edge lights. Apron surfaces can be used anywhere extra pieces of pavement are required around airports, not just at terminal buildings.

You can add parking spots (gate and ramp parking) and modify or delete existing parking spots at airports for your own use, or to increase the AI levels at an airport. Parking can be added at airports that do not currently have it. Any number of parking spots can be added. You can also adjust gate parking so that aircraft doors mate with existing boarding bridges (jetways). Parking is required in order for AI to operate at an airport, so adding parking will also allow you to program AI to use airports that do not currently have it.

Airline Gate Assignments
Microsoft added to FS2004 the capability to assign specific airlines to specific gates. You can also designate classes of aircraft to use certain classes of parking, such as GA aircraft to ramp parking, cargo aircraft to cargo parking and military aircraft to mil parking .

ATC and communications
You can add, delete, and modify communications frequencies. Adding a tower and/or ground control frequency is all that is needed to add ATC to any airport that does not already have it, you do not need an actual control tower scenery object to have ATC operation. Note that FS2002 required ATC to be present at an airport in order for AI to operate there but FS2004 no longer has that restriction, AI can now operate even at uncontrolled airports.

You can add new navaids or modify stock navaids (ILS, Marker Beacons, VOR / DME, NDBs).

You can add new helipads or modify stock helipads.

Start locations
Every airport comes with default start locations for your aircraft at the end of each runway. These can be changed to be at different locations, such as at the taxiway entrance to a runway.

Control tower view
The location for the control tower view of your aircraft (selected by pressing the ā€˜Sā€™ key twice in FS) can be changed. This can be placed at the actual control tower location, if there is a tower, or any other location or elevation.

Shifting airports
Some third party replacement airports do not line up properly with stock Flight Simulator airports. This can cause the AI to taxi and take off and land on the grass instead of runways and taxiways. AFCAD allows you to shift the entire airport, or realign specific taxiways, runways and parking to correct this.

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SeanGa wrote:

I've always wondered.. what is AFCAD?

A "CAD" is a Computer Aided Design.


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how can I tell the heli will end up in that spot because its already been designed so is there anything I need to change on the aircraft txt.?

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