fs2004 won't start anymore (even after reinstalling)

Finnair Guest

Here's the problem: I lost my cd4, and luckily found out that theres a no-cd crack. i installed it, but when i tried to run the game, it just stucked on the opening screen. I re-installed the whole game (borrowed the cd4), and didnt use the cd-crack anymore. But it still stucks on the opening screen. How is this possible?!

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

un install the entire game, then go through and clean out all traces of it from any folders. then install it again, but you have to select the "COMPLETE" install, otherwise, it just sticks cause it tries to load from CD4


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RadarMan Chief Captain

Load DirectX 9.0c and see if that helps.
Also check in "My Documents" for the folder. Flight Simulator 2003 has to be in there.
Did you load the new Patch from MS.
Let us know how you do.


Finnair Guest

You guys answered amasingly fast. I havent used the 9.1patch. I took the express install, now i'm going to try with custom ==> complete...will be back in about 20mins. And before the first install attempt, it took the uninstall, which should be pretty complete(?)

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

you have to go into my documents and delete the "Flight Simulator Files" Folder...and it's always a good idea to check around to make sure its all gone

Finnair Guest

Yeah, thats the folder that i hadn't removed....installing the game now....thanks again 😀

Finnair Guest

Yippii! Its working now. even the nocd-crack. Thanks guys! 😀 😀

Beirut Bullet Guest

Getting same as above.

Installed 2004 about a month ago and worked fine. Also had 2002 also working.
Then 2004 started hanging on the opening screen. The egg timer changing to pointer after about 2secs.
Wiped 2002- all trace that I can find
Wiped 2004 - all trace that I can find
Re installed & un-installed 2004 -about 10 times.
Installed 9.1 patch
installed noCD patch.
installed DX9c
Cant make a jott of differance.


Any ideas.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Also check in "My Documents" for the folder. Flight Simulator 2004 has to be in there.


Beirut Bullet Guest

No sign of it in 'my docs'
Can you give me any file names so I can do a search to see if its hiding anywhere else.
Or perhaps someone can decode a 'mini dump' that windows writes every time the start fails?

Getting desperate now, any help would be great.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😕 Try a search for "Flight Simulator Files"(thats the one that should be in your My Documents folder)
XP seems to double up on a lot of folders and place's them in odd folders

Let us know

Bullit Beirut Guest

There are no oblivious sim files or folders anywhere. There may be dll’s or registry stuff but they could be called anything.

Bit annoying to say the least as I use FS to practice before going in the ‘real’ sim for my 6 monthly, which is fast approaching. It does help to get your hand back in after watching the automatics for the previous 5 months.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😕So the sim installs.....and you cannot run it once loaded
It may be that you are running out of resource's,try closing everything down (Ctrl,Alt,Del)thats not needed(Win XP will not let you shut down annything critical)
Try the latest nvidia drivers(some have said that the new drivers,Nov,are causing CTD,though I have them and they work OK on my system,so try the April or June dated drivers)

Also you may be overheating(Fs9 will test any system)

Beirut Bullit Guest

Only have about 20 processes running and 1 app(FS). Loads of spare memory.
Just checked the nvidia driver and it’s a bit old (2002) but like I said it worked for about 6 weeks and then stopped. Cant think of anything I changed just before it died. Will try the new drivers, but may take a while to get on dialup.

Overheating? computer says no.
Stops at exactly the same place if just started or been on all day.
Have saitek X45, will look for new drivers for that.

thanks for trying.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

That folder has to be in "My Documents" so it can run. In it is the default flight.
Did you install the sim on the main drive that has the OS on it.


Beirut Bullit Guest

Perhaps that’s the problem then? After installation there is no FS entries in ‘my docs’ at all, As I said it worked initially but I didn’t look around to see if ‘my docs’ contained anything. I will try to install it on another system and see what happens.

I bought the program in Tehran so may be a bit dodgy. There are no errors during install and when you run for the first time it builds the scenery files like its about to start but stops there. Thereafter it stops on the startup screen.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😕 Try creating your own folder(daft as it sounds)in your My Documents folder...call it "Flight Simulator Files"
Then try firing up the sim again

Have you partitioned the drive at all?

Beirut Bullit Guest

Wow TTT you are da man! = its OK now.
Order yourself a beer and sign it on my room number. 😉

Made the folder and it started up & put some files in it.
I wonder why:-
1 it disappeared in the first place.
2 didn’t put it back after re-installing.

No my drive is not partitioned.

Now I have to try and get the A320 professional working in 2004 for the first time so I can knuckle down to some practice.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 Its strange as to why it did'nt make the folder,could be a Windows problem or fs9,but lets blame Microsoft,as they make both Twisted Evil

Oops! I overdone the beer on your room number Ill

Good luck with the Airbus 👍

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