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According to one of my dad's pilot friends, one long haul flight can give one as much radiation as four chest x-rays. This would mean that pilots, and even regular flyers would be much more likely to get cancer.
Is this true?
Does anyone have further information about it?

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The NOAA seems to estimate that daily exposure to about 2 hours flight per day, at typical (20,000-40,000 feet) altitude may cause about one extra cancer in a sample of 100,000.

On this basis, I wouldn't be losing any sleep over the issue, and if your ambition is to be a pilot, I'd go for it.

Edit: I overstated the radiation levels. Sorry. The main point remains the same - the risk is minimal to non-existent.

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thanks for the info.

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In the UK (don't know about the United States) the allowed radiation dose(for firefighters) is 30 milliseverts on any one incident, providing that this does not exceed 60 milliseverts in a 12 month period! For women it is 15 milliseverts on any one incident providing it does not exceed 30 milliseverts during a 12 month period (allowing for the fact that radiation can make you infertile).For civilians it is less but i think it is more for the military!
Sorry if this is too much info? (Or just boring).
I think you're going to be ok on flights!

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