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Alright, I would like some help, you know how ATC says "Maintain altitude until established on the localizer", well, how can you get established on the localizer? I don`t know how because the Learning Center and all of the approach guides don't tell you how!! Help would be appreciated. 😉

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ok, so to be established on the localiser, what you need to do is tune your NAV1 radio to the ILS frequency of the runway. Also, make sure that your VOR gauge is set to NAV, not GPS. When you get inside those little green lines (found on the GPS as you approach the runway), turn off your altitude hold switch and select APP hold. that will get you on the localiser

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Actually, the localiser has nothing to do with altitude. What ATC is telling you is they want you to maintain your current altitude until your aircraft is aligned on the extended centerline of the runway and then you can start to descend.

When used in that context, the localiser is nothing more than an imaginary line drawn from the airport which, when followed, results in an arrival to the arrival point on the runway. A localiser approach can be flown by itself, however, when combined wth cockpit indications of your altitude relative to the correct glide slope, it becomes an ILS approach. There is considerable information, both in FS9's learning center and in these forums on the correct methods for intercepting and flying an ILS approach. Once you learn the basics, the key word is PRACTICE.

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Thanks! 😀 😀

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Take a lesson on ILS Approach from the Learning Centre and you will be comfortable in intercepting the Localizer and the Glideslope...and Practise a lot...

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You aren't established on the localizer until your CDI needle, when tuned to the localizer frequency and dialed into the proper course moves to within on dot width of center. At this point you are cleared to descend to the next segment altitude of the instrument approach procedure. Unfortunately, FS does not do a good job of teaching instrument flying procedures although it is is excellent for instrument practice.

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