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could someone please point me in the direction of some good addons for fs9 im looking for realistic stuff atc, crew and passengers things of that nature. thanks alot.

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pmdg 744 just go to the pmdg homepage

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If your looking for crew and passengers etc, I would recommend FS Passenger. It's a payware addon but it greatly inhances FS9 and once you have it, you wont look back. Off the top of my head, I don't know the link but I'm sure someone will be able to provide it for you if that is what you're looking for.

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Here are some add-ons you would like to try:

1) PMDG 737 NG/600-700/800-900
2) PMDG 747 - 400 -Queen of the skies
3) PMDG 747-400 F - Freighter
4) Radar Contact - ATC addon
5) FSPassengers - Inflight Addon
6) Active Camera - for good Views etc
7) Flight Environment - Good skies,clouds etc addon
😎 Ground Environment - Realistic Ground Textures Addons
9) EagleSoft Cessna Citation X and their Cessna planes
10) FsFlyingSchool - Good Addon for showing your airmanship.
11) Active Sky - Weather Generation Addon
12) FSBuild/FsNavigator - Flight Planning Addons
13) many AI Traffic Addons - sorry cant remember names
14) Level D-767 addon
15) Many other sceneries addons
16) Fs2Crew Addon- Inflight Crew addon..

Many to go ..hehehe..

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