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teamspeak and multiplayer

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Graham (graham05) First Officer

hello i sthere any ways to chang your comm in the game and have teamspeak chanel???

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ARD-DC Captain

To change radio frequency ➡ retune the standby frequency on your active radio and then transfer it to the active frequency.

To have a teamspeak channel ➡ log in to any server, right click and select "create channel"

But seriously now, what do you mean. I can't make out what you are trying to ask.

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DaFirmCEO Trainee

I think he is asking if you can Integrate Teamspeak into your flight radio system....

Are there Plugins or Modules that do this?

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Mitchell Delaney (minicaptain) First Officer

no, as far as i'm aware of you can't have a channel that uses a teamspeak server but you can just use that with vatsim anyway if you want ur own freq just use TS

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