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Hey there Simmers,

Just a quick question, (an probably a bit daft) How do you engage the Pitot heat on the default 747-400? ❓ ❓

I cant see a switch for it, is it just the "de-icing" toggle.
My assumption was the De-Icing was just for control surfaces / windshield etc.....

Or is there a keyboard assignment for Pitot heat?

The reason I ask, is that my Airspeed indicators are both going to Zero, after about 5 minutes of flying.... (my backup indicator also goes to zero).

I assume its the pitot, since failures were not the chosen option.

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There isn't a pitot heat switch on the default panel. There is a keyboard assignment for it but i cant remember what it is. If you look in your settings on keyboard assignments it will be there somewhere.
Sorry i cant help more

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Thanks for the fast reply!! 😀 I actually did a bit of fishing around at the same time as asking on here and have found a few helpful hints...

Shift+H will turn on the Pitot heat....

Seems a bit strange that no indication that the Pitot heat is "not" on, is given on the EICAS even when conditions dictate that it should...

I will give Shift+H a try later, but im pretty sure thats what it is, as on both occasions I lost my Indicated Airspeed Indicators, I was flying through cloud under "snow" conditions.

I cant imagine it would be anything else.....cant be a software glitch as it works fine on other models....(which do have Pitot Heat switches).

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