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Round the world flight

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Odyssey First Officer

I started an around the world flight the other day. Its going well so far. I started in manston and am currently in Spain. My plan is to visit all the continents primarily doing short hops. I was over the mountains of northern spain earlier and the view was amazing. I've never seen my graphics so good. I forgot to take a screen shot though. Embarassed
Once i've finished I'll post the route if you want so you lot can fly it.

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Steve (SpiderWings) First Officer

Sounds like a great trip Odyssey! I hope you'll be sharing some screenshots with us and perhaps an occasional map showing your route.

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Bhupesh Trainee

That sounds really interesting, please post the route so that we can also fly your route...all the best...

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Odyssey First Officer

Posted below are the first few flights of my round the world flight. I've started in Europe and plan to fly to all of the continents apart from the really cold one which I can't remember if its north or south pole!!! I'm doing this flight in a CRJ-200 and some of the flights are quite short so you might want to do the same in a similar a/c. I'm working on the Africa flights at the moment so I will post them to you once i've finished. Good Luck.

EGMH (Manston, UK) - LFPB (Paris, France)

LFPB - LFBD (Bordeaux, France)

LFBD - LEBL (Barcelona, Spain)

LEBL - LETO (Madrid, Spain)

LETO - LEZL (Seville, Spain)

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Geoff (Geoffos) Trainee

I've done a couple of round the world trips too, one in a westerley direction and one in the easterley direction and always start from Manston, cos it's my local airport in real life! 🙂

I grew up in Thanet as a kid until I was about 20, live in Whitstable now and when you fly out of Manston on RWY28, you head straight out over Whitstable, so that's nice Wink

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