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😀 I see a lot of posts about autoland and how do you do it,well you need an aircraft with this feature and fs9 has none.....................but you can add a panel "" to the default 737 or any other twin engine jet
and get the full auto land plus lots of extras

Panel uses FS2004 default gauges with added Autoland button, Taxi Speed System, Cabin Crew Annoucements, Digital Clock with Temperature, Digital Fuel Gauge (Used,Remaining,MPH,GPH etc..), Seat Belt & No Smoking lights, Air Condition switch, Wind Speed gauge, Working Reverser Unlockers gauges and Altitude Callout alerts for landing. The panel is designed to have all gauges including the throttle, radio stack and most other gauges on the main panel, with the exception of the GPS which is changed to a GPS 500.

It can be found at Avsim

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I am all over that!!!!! Thank you for that!!!! That is why I enjoy all of you and this site!!!

I have a POSKY 747 with a VERY authentic CAT IIIc autoland system. I love it

(Until you get to one of those missaligned FS9 runways.) I do try to stick to the actual CAT III runways.

I was watching a show on the testing of the 777. The were doing CAT III b approaches where RVR was,,, had to be about 700 feet or something by the time the radalt read 50 feet. BUT what was cool!!!! When they hit the TOGA at 50 feet, by the time the aircraft powered up and started going up, it actually hit the runway before flying again.


I do it in the sim I can't help but laugh with excitement.

Who out there warned all that this crazy sim is addicting. I need a Psychyatrist!!!!

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Thank you guys......

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