FSX Sirocco LT - a 132 ft motoryacht : HOW DOES IT WORK?

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Hi all folks,

I'm almost brand new user to FSX but I also like ships besides planes, so I went at webpage


and downloaded the item marked as:

FSX Sirocco LT - a 132 ft concept motoryacht
Description and installation instruction, says that this object is intended for FSX.
Now, although FSX is a "flight" sim, I expected the ship model to "navigate" in plain water.

Well, After installation, the ship "object" is instead supposed to be a real aircraft and therefore, is placed "in air" !

Is there anyone who can help me understanding which real usage is intended for the ship, since it is provided with full working navigation equipment?
No use to say, that since the model "miss" ailerons, flaps and any other
flight component, once the "flight" has started, it goes down like a stone.

Thank you in advance for your patience and time with a novice in FSX, hope someone of you can shed some light on the "flying ship" subject Smile

Greetings from Rome


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You may have to start in from a water runway.
When you choose an airport look at the rest of that page (window) and it has runways listed with a drop down arrow, find one with water runways.
If you don't know of one that has it try a number of them in Florida.

I hope that helps.


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According to the Readme file http://library.avsim.net/zipshow.php?DLID=94292&FileName=SIRLTFSX%2Freadme.txt&CType=text%2Fplain
it comes with a setup.exe installer.

Sometimes the installers put files in the wrong places. I would try the following:

Run the installer again but change the target to a temporary folder I've just created and then drop the folder that contains the boat into Simobjects / Boats.

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Many thanks for your advice, RadarMan and TailHook, I will try what you suggests and hope to let you know I navigate in deep... water Smile


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NOTE: After I removed Sirroco the AI boats quit cruising over land.

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