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Anyone know of a way to see altitude of terrain you are planning on flying over short of buying sectional maps? I was flying with MS FS2004 from Monterey, California to Death Vally, California and crashed twice because I didn't have enough altitude.

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Personally, I don't belive there are any ways yet. The best thing to do would be to try to take your climb to the max for the aircraft you are using. If that fails, use a more powerful aircraft. Good luck 😉

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I agree, I haven't found any either. I finally just climbed to 14,000 feet and got over the mountians ok.


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You don't have to buy those sectional charts to plan a flight over mountains, etc.

The following web site has free topo maps, aeronautical maps, etc that will display on your computer screen. When you get to the site click on "aeronautical charts"-- they have both the terrain and all the airports and navaids. I think what they present to you is an actual sectional chart-- in chunks. Plug in a location and submit it and the next page will be a list of notable man-made objects such as schools, post offices, court houses. etc, etc. Just click on any one of the items on their list and the aeronautical map will appear. You can zoom in and out the maps. If the first map doesn't cover enough area simple plug in another location until you have your flight fully covered.

The map site is as follows--

Glenn 😛

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The thing about sectionals is they have terrain elevation AND M.E.A.'s minimum enroute altitudes. MEA's are there to keep you out of the rocks and trees. They also have obstruction info, things like smoke stacks, towers, things of that nature. I am a real pilot so I end up swimming in charts. The charts are updated yearly. Find a pilot friend and see if he will give you the outdated charts. The terrain figures never change short of a Biblical earthquake.

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