Why wont the game continue? So I can throttle...

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I'm a beginner in this game, and now I'm taking the course for air traffic control. I'm supposed to select 4, depart north - then press CRTL + RIGHT BRACKET (])...

So what do I push? Nothing happends when I push CRTL + 9 ( Thats the location of the right bracket. I need to do this action before I can take off, becuase when I throttle, the throttle mecanism is automatically set back to taxi throttle.

Adding a picture:

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The charcter they are looking for is CRTL + ] I believe.

Brynjar Guest

Yes, and that is to move on in the game - that you are ready to move further. But nothing happends while typing these letters/bracket...

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On my keyboard the (]) is 2 keys to t6he right of the letter (P).

Hope this helps. Craig

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it says, you have to press CTRL+] after departure....not on the runway.... Idea

You don't say you have already requested the clearance by selecting item 4.

Have you done that already?

By the way - your Alternator and Master Avionics switches (the half big red switch and the big white switch at the bottom of the screen) - they ought to be in the "on" position.

If your Master Avionics is OFF, you wont be able to communicate with ATC.
If your ALT switch is off, your battery will run out, and all electrical equipment will die, eventually (including the radio required to talk to ATC and request that taxi clearance!)

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