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For the last few days I am experiencing a strange problem. This almost occurs with most of the aircraft. The problem is that I am all set to take off my Cessna 172/182 or for that purpose any other aircraft. I release brakes and either increase throttle by F3 or give full throttle by F4. The aircraft rolls on but after 5-7 seconds the engines automatically slowly go back to idle. I again increase full power by pressing F4 once again. The aircraft speeds up for 5-7 seconds and then again the power drops automatically to idle. This is happening both in FS 2002 as well as FS 2004.
I dont know what the Hell is wrong with FS.

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Have you tried going into the ASSIGNMENTS settings ? Check to see that all the keys are as they were, and that the THROTTLE cut key hasn't been set with too large a REPEAT value.

Best bet would be to invest in a Joystick - Flight Sim is extremely limited using Keyboard only.... Using a Joystick (even an inexpensive budget one) will bring the simulation alive.

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Have you got a joystick plugged in? Maybe you need to recalibrate it, since the throttle cal may be outa whack.

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GPS-Kid...While a joystick is useful for turning the aircraft, I find that the throttle is far to imprecise when changing N1% on cruise at FL320. I just use the keyboard.

Guest-with-odd-name: I would suggest just re-starting the sim when that does it to me from time to time. After I restart it, it stops. If it doesnt after that, I dont know what to tell you, try re-caliberating it as rambuncitions suggested.

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