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When trying to put the ICAO-Code in the PTE page, i get a not in database warning on the FMC screen. Why when putting the code into the Origin and Destination Line do i get this message.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Also how do you open the cabin doors and extend the stairs on the aircraft?

Many Thanx


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What I could do is try the same route and with the same origin and destination ICAO codes if you want. Usually I get the "not in database" when I try and input the gate at which I am (which is common).
About opening cabin doors it's SHIFT+E (or CTRL+E not sure) and for stairs you have to set it in the assignments under "Extend concorde nose...".

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OK well which airport for a start? Or, is it any airport?

In the "Postion Initialization Page" you enter the ICAO airport designation for your point of origin. If you get a message that says "NOT IN DATABASE" it means just that. If you think it should be in the database then maybe you need to update your AIRAC cycle.

Typically, from experience, airports which would not normally take 737 size a/c are likely to be excluded from the database. Also, obscure airfelds or military airfields may be excluded. I found that virtually all major airport in China were at one point "NOT IN DATABASE" but maybe that has changed since.

Let us know which airport it is and I'll check it against my database and if it should work we'll suggest a way to update yours.


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It is any airport, i have tried every airport i would fly from and most of them have boeing 737's flying from them and it will say 'not in database'. Also even if i try the introduction flight like in the book it doesn't work.

How many credits do i need to download the new AIRAC files?



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Two step process:

1. Before you enter into buying credits you might want to try overwriting your existing data with an older cycle. Navigraph provide a demo/test cycle (06/09) for testing purposes. It can be found toward the bottom of the page (follow this link):

2. Next you can download some free "terminal" procedures from here:

Select terminal procedures and then find the PMDG option. This site runs on donations received from users like us.

In both cases the installation is automated.

This should at least get your existing data "renewed" and may remove any coruptions or errors that may have occured.

Let me know if you need anything else.


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Thanks Renesis, that has solved every problem i have had. 😀

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